The nice thing of staying in an India Hostel instead of a Sheraton is that you don't need to go to the museum to get an idea of what happened when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. I visited this area before in 2001, so I was interested to what extent the city recovered from the storm. Kenny, one of the guys working in the hostel said the first thing that indicated the magnitude of the disaster was the silence in the city. The birds were gone. All gone. Then the water came. Max sitting with us on the porch of the beautiful hostel pointed toward his knees: "the water went till here". You can also see it on many houses that there is a dark line 3 feet on the wall above the porch. The guys who actually remained in the house during the storm said that they fled from the water to the second level of the house. The problem was though that the storm removed the ceiling, so they had a free view to the sky.
After the storm was over, everyone was in shock. Kenny said the government didn't do nothin but the ones who really got their hands dirty were people sent from churches from all over the country. It took the hostel crew 4 months to get the hostel up and going again. In the beginning, it was difficult because there were just no workers available because everyone was fixing their own house. After calling almost everyone they thought of the pool guy and that maybe the pool guy could help. He came over, checked the pool situation and was positive that he could fix the pool within two days! Getting overly excited to have at least something fixed, they eventually decided that the pool wasn't first priority but just knowing that the pool could be fixed was the hope that things will get better.
We are sitting together, when everyone stopped talking, i feel special to share this moment with these people, smelling the flowers and listening to the birds of New Orleans.