Yesterday, there was a special movie night at Oaklands New Parkway Theater. Couchsurfers from the Bay area / SF came to watch "One couch at a time". Unlike conventional theaters, here, you watch a movie by sharing the couch with others. This seemed natural for the theme of the movie: sharing. Alex Liss’s documentary of surfing 21 continents in 7 months showed that you create the most unique experiences when you share with others. If it is car sharing in Germany (Mitfahrgelegenheit), Cycling in Belgium, Food at Burningman or a couch anywhere in the world.

Of course, no word about the fact that as of 2011 couchsurfing is a for profit corporation. But then again, that wasn’t the point of the movie. At least for me and the other couchsurfers in the room, you could see and hear that Alex Liss succeeded to give a glimpse of how touching the couchsurfing experience can be.

The movie was financed by the crowd:

The screening in Oakland was sponsored by