The process of labor and birth is something, I wasn’t paying much attention to. At the very best, I thought I needed to know the phases, the method to give birth, the hospital of choice. Luckily I am surrounded by loved ones, who suggested other, more spiritual ways of approaching birth. First of all, my partner who made sure that the idea of making birth art doesn’t stay an idea but is put into practice. My flatmates, Juii and Malena who were eager to join the experience just for the fun of it. Inspiration came from a book that wandered already through several mothers hands. Ofira and Ido gave the book to Katharina, Katharina gave the book to me. Birthing from Within is a book about childbirth preparation. But not so much the stages of labor but the preparing through making birth art. I thought I could leave this book to my partner who has much more spiritual capacity than me. Reconsidering, I felt that maybe this was the book I needed to read.
In our birth art sessions we created drawings based on instructions given by the book: “draw a picture that expresses what being pregnant is like for you”. OR “imagine your birth as landscape. What’s the weather like?” OR “if there is a secret door to birth, what would it look like? What’s behind it?” Drawing with Aquarell and other paint was fun. Through the process and talking about it with my friends was teaching me more than I expected.
The sculpturing session with clay, we tried to be instructionless. Build and rebuild:)